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Shannon, the accomplished Head of Client Experience Manager at Potato Media. Shannon is a dynamic professional with a passion for developing meaningful connections and has become the driving force behind Potato Media’s commitment to member satisfaction.

Shannon employs innovative approaches to ensure all Potato Media clients receive unparalleled service. From cultivating robust membership programs to streamlining customer relations processes, Shannon’s leadership significantly enhances your customer journey.

Shannon has an acute understanding of the diverse needs of businesses and companies. Her communication skills and strategic vision have played a pivotal role in establishing Potato Media as your trusted platform in the digital communication industry.

Shannon’s extensive experience over many years, holding key roles in leading organisations has honed her skills in customer relations and service delivery. Her commitment to continuous improvement and a client-first mindset sets her apart in the industry.

As the architect of Potato Media’s customer-centric approach, Shannon Gonzaga will ensure that every interaction with the platform is marked by satisfaction, efficiency, and a personalised touch that resonates with each clients unique journey.

Areas of expertise:

  • Leader of customer-centric management
  • Customer relations
  • Customer experience
  • Administrative professional
  • Strategic visionary
  • Social media expert
  • Quality frameworks expert